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For me, as an actress. One of the most essential things that I need to know is what do I want for and from the people around me in the story. What is my offering and what is my need? And quite often the need with any human being is to be loved, to be liked, to be connected to. Sharon Raydor, whenever I applied that or tried to discover what she wanted from them: that would not work. And so I would feel nervous or insecure. So what I discovered pretty early on—this was even in working by myself with the script—is that her need was to have them not get comfortable with her. She was the internal affairs person. She was policing the police. She didn’t want them to like her. She didn’t want them to try and seduce her into liking them. She wanted distance. She didn’t care. In other words, the less they like her, the better her job went. And once I got the power of the distance, the power I felt in being distant, and that I understood that that made her do her job more correctly. Then I was fine.
Mary McDonnell with Tavis Smiley, 1-09-2014 (via johnniewalkergirl)

See when I read this, I feel like Mary is an actress for the right reasons. She gets what it is about. She uses her craft not only to be a good actress, but to understand how people act and react toward one another. I love that she takes it seriously and learns from it :)

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